Sunday, November 6, 2011

Seaweed Soup~pg. 104

Vegan Culinary Institute La Dolce Vegan! Challenge:

I would always pass by this recipe when browsing through my cookbook but it pays to try new things! This is absolutely delicious. I don't like the smell of the dried seaweed but after you simmer it in the broth it is wonderful. The lime juice really brings out the flavor of everything; I even added extra lime juice on my serving (well, I ate 3/4 of the pot!)

I had to take a picture of the dried seaweed strips; they looked so pretty.

After I took a photo I used scissors to snip the noodles into pieces to make it easier to eat. Now I know what to do with the remaining sheets of nori seaweed I have; make more soup! It's great with some cubed tofu added to it also. 

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