Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Garden of Vegan Recipes

These are the recipes from The Garden of Vegan I am using to fill in on days we just make desserts or as an addition to what we are making:
11/27:  Carmelized Onions & Fennel Mashed Potatoes-pg. 116
12/02:  Christina's Vegetable Curry-pg. 148
12/03:  Green Bean & Fennel Toss-pg. 115
12/04:  Simply Lovely Quinoa-pg. 163 and Swiss Chard & Garlic-pg. 118
12/05:  Tofu Chimichangas-pg. 162 and Becky's Pico de Gallo-pg. 131
12/06:  Curried Vegetable Pie with Chickpea Crust-pg. 158
12/09:  Home-Style Green Pea Soup-pg. 82

That's all I have planned for now!

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