Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 1 Banana Blueberry Muffins-pg. 274

Getting Ready to Bake!
I made it! After doctors' appointments all morning, grocery shopping, and my car breaking down in 110 degree temps. with groceries in the trunk I still found time to make these muffins and supper. Whoo! Hoo! I am allergic to raw bananas but I can eat cooked bananas so I will be indulging in these.

My husband will probably finish off most of them.

Quick Fixins' for Supper
Baked potatoes topped with Amy's Vegan Chili, Daiya Cheddar Style Cheese, red onion and cilantro with a side of frozen mixed veggies.

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  1. Yeah! Very cool! I like the "Meet the Shannons" blog, too. It's not a blog, but I love looking at You can search recipes by the number of reviews it's gotten. It's like letting someone else do much of the testing and you come up with a greater ratio of recipe winners with less fails! Good luck with this. Have fun!