Friday, March 9, 2012

Tyler & Phoebe's Perfect Pesto Pizza~pg 152; Faux Feta Cheese~pg 292

La Dolce Vegan! Challenge:
Skipping around the month of March's recipes for the challenge. I had alot of basil I needed to use so I chose to make the pizza from 3/24.

This pizza is very low-calorie! (if you believe that. . . . )

Faux Feta marinating. (pg. 292)
I only used half the recipe for my pizza.

Tyler & Phoebe's Perfect Pesto Sauce (pg. 177)
Delicious recipe-lots of olive oil! I could have used a little more basil;
it seemed too oily this time. It made the pizza a little oily.

Pizza Crust (pg. 301)
Have used this recipe before and it makes a delicous crust. But I must remember that it makes alot of pizza dough! I should have split it between 2 12" pans or 1 extra large industrial size pan! What was I thinking.

The finished product!
You can see it is about ready to explode off the pan. I baked the pizza for about 17 minutes to get the extra thick crust done. The flavors are delicious. Love the Faux Feta; gives it a tangy bite. Yep, next time 2 pans. I would like to buy one 24" pan though. That would be fun to make an extra large pizza-pie-a!

I "forced" myself to eat 2 slices of this.

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