Friday, January 27, 2012

February Challenge Recipes!

La Dolce Vegan! Challenge:
February 2012
Wed. 02/01: Margo’s Veggie Peanut Stew-116
Thu. 02/02: Cauliflower Red Lentil Soup-107
Fri. 02/03: Cinnamon Donut Holes-198; Basic Cake Glaze-260
Sat. 02/04: Bountiful Beans & Brown Rice-146
Sun. 02/05: Dilip’s Stuffed Manicotti with
                   Roasted Red Pepper & Porcini Mushroom Sauce-131
Mon. 02/06: Chocolate Walnut Truffles-202
Tues. 02/07: Quinoa Black Bean Salad-75
Wed. 02/08: Festive Stuffed Butternut Squash-162
Thu. 02/09: Chocolate Pecan Cookies-216
Fri. 02/10: Tomato Cabbage Soup-115
Sat. 02/11: Curry Fennel Cauliflower Bake-147
Sun. 02/12: Vegan Fruit Juice Flavored Jell-o-Tin-198
Mon. 02/13: Monday Morning Meusli-46
Tues. 02/14: Parsnip Apple Soup-110
Wed. 02/15: Berry Oat Squares-214
Thu. 02/16: Shook ‘n’ Cook Pickles-56
Fri. 02/17: Sarah’s Green Split Pea Soup-118
                  (add Heather’s Swedish Rye Bread-270)
Sat. 02/18: Coconut Pie Pancakes-39; Economy “Maple” Pancake Syrup-40
Sun. 02/19: Choice of salad and Wolffie’s Balsamic Vinegar Dressing-95
Mon. 02/20: Emira’s Speedy Gourmet Kale & Tofu Delight-148
Tues. 02/21: Anything Goes Fruit ‘n’ Nut Smoothie-52
Wed. 02/22: Eileen’s Sesame Ginger Stir-Fry-148
Thu. 02/23: Cinnamon-Spiced Roasted Veggies-193
Fri. 02/24: Breakfast Brown Rice Pudding-52
Sat. 02/25: Faux Fish-286; Cajun Sweet Potato Fries-186
Sun. 02/26: Wolffie’s Cocoa Cake-250; Chocolate Fudgey Frosting-259
Mon. 02/27: Harvard Beets-187
Tues. 02/28: Choice of salad and Teresa’s Dressing-92
Wed. 02/29: Apricot Walnut Coffee Cake-252

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