Thursday, January 5, 2012

Breakfast Banana Smoothie~pg. 52

La Dolce Vegan! Challenge:

Since I am allergic to raw bananas I'll call this "Breakfast Mango Smoothie". After I whipped this up in the blender I calculated how many calories I would consume if I drank this whole glass. . . . . . . 602 whopping calories!!! It would have been even more but I used only 2 Tbsp. of tahini. Wowie~I drank half for breakfast with nothing else. I sipped on it throughout the day and tried to watch what I ate for lunch and dinner. Well, that certainly wasn't worth it.


  1. That's the worst when you make something healthy just to find out it's got tons of calories anyways. I love your GOV challenge...that was my first ever vegan cookbook.

  2. Melissa, Yeah I'll probably just drink this one when I know I'm going to the gym to work out! My first ever vegan cookbook was "How It All Vegan"; then I was hooked on Sarah Kramer's books.