Friday, January 20, 2012

Dijon Mustard Brussels Sprouts~pg. 185

La DolceVegan! Challenge:

This recipe will get rave reviews from me. It's permanently marked in my cookbook. I probably make this at least once a month when I can get brussels sprouts. This is my favorite way to make them. I love the little mustard seeds popping in your mouth and the flavor that the shallots and Dijon mustard give to the sprouts. If you thought you didn't like brussels sprouts you've got to try this recipe.

I served my sprouts with Faux Turkey (pg. 289) and gravy over mashed potatoes. We had made the Faux Turkey previously for the challenge and I had put it in the freezer with some of the simmering broth. I thawed it out and made a gravy with the broth and added chopped up Faux Turkey. Quick and delicious!

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