Sunday, September 1, 2013

Minestrone ~ pg. 64

VegCookbookClub August recipes from Betty Goes Vegan by Annie & Dan Shannon:

Can't believe I'm finishing up August's recipes for VegCookbookClub and starting September already. I'm going to try the Vegan MoFo this year. It's a little intimidating because I don't really know much about the blogging world and all the technicalities but I'll give it a go. I thought about a theme I might try since I'm not following the VegCookbookClub this month. I have pages of recipes I've printed out that I have yet to try; this would be a good time to get all those recipes made. I linked the banner to the website.

This soup from Betty Goes Vegan is a trial run for my future daughter-in-law's bridal shower next month. We are serving three kinds of soup and I volunteered to make a minestrone. This is super easy because everything goes into the slow cooker (I used my large 6 quart slow cooker.)

Fresh veggies for the soup~kale, zucchini, red onion, celery, carrots, basil and garlic

I chose to pre-cook my pasta so I would be sure it was cooked and also that it didn't get too mushy. I just added it into the soup at the end. The recipe calls for 1 Tbsp olive oil of which the directions didn't say when to add it in so I didn't use it; totally fat-free soup! This soup cooked in about 4 hours.

This passed the taste test; it just needed some salt and pepper. I'll be serving this at the bridal shower. I'm going to use mini shell pasta instead of the elbow macaroni though.

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