Friday, September 20, 2013

Irish Coffee Whoopie Pies & Whiskey Frosting

I bet that title caught your attention. It caught mine when I was skimming through Betty Goes Vegan! My Pilates class was cancelled today so what could I do but bake?! 

I specifically went and bought Bushmill's Irish Whiskey for this recipe:

I've never tried this before; my hubby says it's very smooth! 

Couldn't wait to try out my Whoopie Pie Pan which I found at the outlet store. I want to buy another one so I don't have to bake two batches.

I even bought a frosting gun so I could easily fill the whoopie pie pan and also the middle of the cookies. 

I filled some of the cups with a little too much batter the first go 'round but I got the hang of it the second time.

Irish Coffee Whoopie Pies with Whiskey Frosting 

Whoo-eee! These are scrumptious and definitely an adult treat!

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