Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Goodies

I've been seeing rave reviews for the new Maple Bacon flavor Kettle Brand Potato Chips so I thought I would put them up against my fave of all time Spicy Thai. The Maple Bacon chips taste like a mild version of a BBQ chip. No comparison to the Spicy Thai; spicy, sweet and salty. Spicy Thai wins!

My local Sprouts did a major renovation and enlarged their store so they can stock alot more goodies now. I saw these nuts and thought I'd give them a try. These are from LivingIntentions. These air dried pistachios and almonds are seasoned with garlic and rosemary. Holy Garlic Bulb, Batman! Do not plan on any close encounters after you eat a few of these. Hehe! They do have a fantastic garlic and rosemary herby flavor but whoo-ee the garlic is strong. They're quite addictive as well. They were pricey at $5.49 for a 3 oz. bag so these will not be a regular treat.

Yay! I got my order of Butler Soy Curls in the mail today and a bottle of their Chik-Style Seasoning. I love the texture of tempeh but I'm allergic to the fermentation process used. So soy curls are a great alternative. They use non GMO soybeans with no additives or preservatives. I like the meaty texture they give to my recipes and they help my hubby feel like he's getting a 'real meal.' 


  1. Nice!

    Now I have to keep my eyes open for Maple Bacon and Spicy Thai. I'm sure I would love those nuts too.

    1. The Spicy Thai chips are really addictive. It seems like I can never get out of the store without a bag!