Thursday, September 5, 2013

Carolina Barbecue Soy Curls

I love this new cookbook from Kathy Hester. The recipes make smaller portion sizes which is perfect for me and the hubby. And I LOVE my baby Crock Pot! It's a 2 quart size; now I have four Crock Pots! This was so easy to throw everything in and let cook all day. I had some Butler Soy Curls that were getting ready to expire so I thought I would try this recipe.  Instead of the cayenne pepper, I used some of my Cajun Spice seasoning. 

BBQ Soy Curl Sandwich
The flavors are sweet and spicy and the soy curls give it just the right texture of a BBQ sandwich. I spooned a little more of the simmering juice on top of mine. Hubby really liked this one; next time I'll double the recipe!


  1. Four crock pots! Wow, do you live in a castle?!

    This really looks good. I'm about to finish my soy curls, I only have half a bag left in the freezer, and that makes me sad, since we can't get them here.

  2. I store them in my garage cupboards! I can't find them where I live either. I need to order some more. The last time I got them from Vegan Essentials.