Friday, August 17, 2012

Spinach Spanakopita & Herbed Feta

I saw these recipes in the May/June 2012 VegNews magazine and just had to try them. And I had some phyllo pastry in the freezer that needed to be used! The recipes are from Catherine Dorrell of I looked for them on her website but couldn't find them. So you'll have to get a copy of the magazine if you want the recipe. Sorry, I don't want to copy someone else's work on here. Anywhoo, for the spanakopita you have to make the Herbed Feta ahead of time. I made this in the morning; or you can make it the night before.

 For this I bought the extra firm tofu packaged in water. I usually don't buy that kind because it always goes bad before I use it. I usually buy the aseptic cartons of Mori-Nu that you can keep on your shelf. So you simmer the tofu cubes in a mixture of water, lemon juice, salt, basil and oregano and then chill until ready to use.

Herbed Feta

Spinach and Herbed Feta mixture.

This uses a total of 12 phyllo sheets divided with the spinach mixture in between.
 You have to layer each phyllo sheet separately and brush it with olive oil. Not a quick and easy recipe!

The finished product!

It was worth the work! Flaky pastry and yummy filling. I wanted to serve this with a fresh green salad and some homemade vegan ranch dressing but I was so exhausted after getting this in the oven I just cooked up some frozen veggies. My hubby and I finished off all but two pieces of the 9x13 pan. He even suggested I make this for some of our non-vegan friends!


  1. Dude, this looks so good, I want to try this. Tofu feta really is the bomb.

  2. The feta recipe made enough to make this, a Greek salad and the rest of it I threw on top of a green salad!