Monday, August 6, 2012

Books and Boredom

I feel the need to blog! I had back surgery last Wednesday for some herniated discs that have been bothering me for 10 years. Now I'm just trying to heal and not do anything strenuous-ugh! Not too much pain but I'm not supposed to bend or twist my back. Meals have been pretty simple around here. The first night I was home my sweet daughter brought us homemade tostadas and spanish rice. Yum! And can you believe it the next night I actually cooked supper. My husband did all the bending and moving around getting pots and pans-I just stood there and chopped the veggies-what a great guy! He even did all the laundry and mopped the floors. Wow! Irish White Bean and Cabbage Stew-the recipe is here: I forgot that this recipe makes a ton of soup. So we had enough for leftovers and I put a whole container of it in the freezer. So we had leftovers of soup and tostadas for a couple of days after that! I hate to do it, but last night everything we ate came out of the freezer pre-made. Gardein Chicken Tenders, Alexia Waffle Fries and frozen mixed veggies. Oh, and for dessert-double stuffed Oreos. Hee! Hee! Good thing those Oreos are gone now-I probably hadn't bought any in over a year. Anywhoo, to get back to the title of my blog-I was so inspired by that I had to take a few pics of my own bookshelf. I drool at the sight of books-I mean real books; with paper pages you can turn and even  the smell of books! These are just my vegan cookbooks; I've got alot more vegetarian cookbooks that aren't even on the bookshelf. I found that I got tired of looking through them and weeding out the dairy and eggs. That will be my next project-digging all of those books out and reminiscing-some of them are quite old!

These are just some good reads, not necessarily cookbooks.

And I think I still need more!

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