Thursday, August 16, 2012

Post-Op Week Two Boredom!

Went to my 2 week post-op yesterday for my back surgery. Everything's looking good-another four weeks of no driving, no swimming or baths (just showers), no lifting, etc. etc. Still can cook though! My mom drove me to my doctor's appointment and then we went to Sprouts. Whew, grocery shopping wore me out but now my pantry and fridge are well stocked again. Okay, here's how bored I am (and a little OCD); I took pictures of my pantry and fridge! I like everything all neat and organized and yes I alphabetize my small jars of herbs and spices-hee, hee. I didn't take a picture of my fridge in the garage where I store all of the miscellaneous flours, grains, vital wheat gluten, brans, etc., maybe next time. Ooh, I also took some pics of my herb teas I make along with bath salts, aromatherapy sprays and my herb closet. Have fun looking at the pics!

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