Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bean & Corn Tortilla Lasagna with Avocado ~ pg. 120

VegCookbookClub July recipes from eat, drink & be vegan by Dreena Burton:

I really like how Dreena gives menu suggestions at the beginning of many of her recipes. It makes it easy to put a whole meal together without thinking too much.

Layering the lasagna. 
I usually don't use avocados in a hot dish so we'll see how this goes. It's easier to cut the corn tortillas into strips and place them in the dish. Here in Arizona we call these enchiladas not lasagna! 

Hot from the oven with melted Daiya cheddar on top.

Served the "lasagna" with chopped cilantro and lime and
 mixed greens salad topped with Cumin-Cinnamon Vinaigrette. I really enjoyed the spicy flavors in this dish. Still not too sure about hot, baked avocados though!


  1. It looks good, very good actually, but I think I'd prefer to serve it with avocados on the side, not inside =)

    1. Yes, avocados should never be hot! Next time I'll serve them on the side.