Sunday, April 21, 2013

Classic Pancakes~pg. 44

VegCookbookClub April recipes from How It All Vegan! by Sarah Kramer & Tanya Barnard:

I wanted to share this ridiculously easy meal from Jason Wrobel-love him! Cheesy Broccoli Quinoa Bowl.    When I don't feel like cooking this is what's for supper! I love watching his videos; he's hilarious.  He tops his quinoa bowl with hemp seeds but I use chia seeds-it gives it a nice little crunch. 

Anyway, back to HIAV~

A pile 'o pancakes!

Just a basic pancake recipe, they seemed a little thick and heavy. Hubby didn't really care for them but then he's comparing them to his favorite restaurant's non-vegan pancakes. I added some blueberries to a few of them, slathered them with Earth Balance margarine and drizzled lots of warm maple syrup over them; tasted just fine to me! heehee! I froze the remaining pancakes for some quick breakfasts before I work out after eating all these carbs.

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