Sunday, April 12, 2015

Black and Red Lentil Chili & a Few Favs

Time to do some posting! The dreaded bronchitis/laryngitis paid me an annual visit and I'm finally on the downhill side of it. Ugh! It just wipes me out every year; and no matter what preventatives I try it still gets me. Lots of catching up to do now. 
I've been seeing a few recipes lately using black beluga lentils which I have always wanted to try. I can't find them at any of the stores I shop at so I ordered some online. 

I found this chili recipe here at 

Look how tiny the black lentils are compared to the red. They're so cute! 

The black lentils turn brown after cooking. Lots of spices, and fire-roasted tomatoes in this chili. I added some chopped fresh spinach at the end of cooking just until it wilted. Yummy garnished with some chopped cilantro. I made a pan of Wolffie's 'Buttermilk' Cornbread from La Dolce Vegan to eat with this hearty chili. 

Black Beluga Lentils in a jar! 
Can't wait to try some more recipes using them. 

I made a few easy favorites including:

Vegan "Sausage" Hash from La Dolce Vegan
using Field Roast Breakfast Sausage (which my local Sprouts now carries. Yay!) served with Smoky Collard Greens with Veg Bacon from Betty Goes Vegan

BBQ Chicken Sandwiches and Coleslaw from Give Them Something Better

And I made this pizza using canned pizza crust, pizza sauce; topped with crumbled veggie meatballs, sauteed zucchini and red onion, and Daiya mozzarella shreds.  

I messed up and didn't pre-cook my crust a little so I never could get the bottom of the pizza totally done. Lesson learned for next time! 

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