Monday, March 2, 2015

Lentil and Black Bean Soup

My fridge stocked with lots of veggies, fruit and grains! It was looking pretty bad for a few months there. Oh, how easy it is to slip back into the old ways and bad habits of eating. I'm back on track now! I wish I could eat all the yummy veg foods out there but I'm allergic to quite a few things; sesame seeds (tahini), brown rice, barley, tempeh, miso (any fermented foods), bananas, melons, yeast-ugh! it just goes on and on! At least soy (unfermented) doesn't bother me. Still lots to choose from though. 

I found this delicious soup recipe here at . Lots of veggies, lentils, black beans and greens. I also added some optional corn to the soup and instead of kale I used spinach. This makes a huge pot; I should have used my largest stockpot! It made enough for three freezer containers of leftovers. 

~ Lentil and Black Bean Soup ~

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