Monday, March 16, 2015

Broccoli Cheese Soup and Still on the Veg Wagon!

Yay! I'm still on the veggie wagon and I feel fantastic! I've been drinking my green juice and getting my Pilates in this week, too. I found this yummy soup recipe in Zsu Dever's cookbook:

The recipe uses 2 Tbsp of her Savory Broth Mix for flavoring. This seasoning has nutritional yeast and about thirteen different herbs and spices. It's nice to have on hand in the pantry instead of dragging out every spice in the cupboard! 

This soup is so creamy, 'cheesy' and delicious. I would have liked my broccoli a little more cooked but it was still tasty. The leftover soup really thickened up in the fridge. It would be good spooned over some baked potatoes. 

~ Broccoli Cheese Soup ~ 

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