Monday, January 6, 2014

Chili & Cornbread

Vegcookbookclub January 2014 ~ 

January we are cooking out of all of Lindsay S. Nixon's books. I have two of them and haven't used them very much. I'm so glad the first recipes I made were delicious! Both of these recipes are out of The Happy Herbivore

Chili sans Carne
Lots of great spices in this chili including curry powder which I've never used in my chili. It added an extra rich, spicy flavor I really liked. I'm not that paranoid about using no oil in my cooking so I sauteed the onions in a Tbsp. of olive oil instead of the water. The recipe calls for TVP and I used slightly crumbled Butler Soy Curls. Love the soy curls; you could say this is "Chili con Carne" and get away with it! 

I usually just use an 8x8 square pan to make my cornbread but decided to try my cast-iron skillet. It gave the cornbread a nice crunchy outside and it was still moist on the inside. This was surprisingly tasty without using any oil. I did choose the option of using more cornmeal instead of flour for a more "corny" taste. 

Chili sans Carne & Cornbread


  1. Love Lindsay's recipes!! Just bought her latest, it is awesome!

    1. I can't decide if I should buy the new one or not. I have sooo many cookbooks! :)