Friday, June 14, 2013

Tostadas with Chili-Spiced Greens & Potatoes

Wow~can't believe it's been so long since I've posted anything. Busy, busy month. I threw a big bash for my 50th birthday which was actually last month but we celebrated this month. I had everyone bring their favorite finger food to share. I made my favorite vegan ranch salad dressing with veggies and dried veggie chips and Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus with pita bread. I also served Grilled Tofu Veggie Kabobs. I marinated the tofu and my mom grilled them up for me on a grill pan. They were delicious! Now if only I had taken pictures of everything. :(  

I've had this cookbook for awhile now and decided to try a few recipes out of it. The first one I tried, "Quinoa with Chard & Chickpeas" wasn't a success so I'm not including it in my blog because I won't make it again. Tonight I tried the tostada recipe; the combination of ingredients sounded a little strange but it turned out great.


The potato and greens (I used baby spinach) mixture. The recipe called for a mashed avocado to be added into the mix but I didn't have one and I really didn't miss it.

Love the flavors of lime, cumin and cilantro! I topped my tostada with a little Daiya cheddar shreds.


  1. Happy belated 50th anniversary!

    I don't own a copy of Wild About Greens, but a friend passed it to me and I actually tried the quinoa with chickpeas. It was simple, basic and all, but I actually liked it a lot. I'll try to make the tostada. It really looks yummy and special.

    1. I think I made the mistake of using quinoa that I had already cooked so it didn't get the flavor of the vegetable broth soaked into it. It was okay, just kind of bland tasting.