Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pasta with Vegan Alfredo Sauce

Whoo! Hoo! Day 3 of posting catch-up and I made it to Pilates today; I got the endorphins going! 
I was craving something creamy and delicious and this recipe did the trick. I found this on Nava Atlas's site VegKitchen - Vegan Alfredo Sauce 

 It's so easy to make the sauce in the food processor. You can use either silken tofu or cannellini beans. I chose to use the tofu and it made it really creamy. I had some spinach-basil pasta I wanted to use and so I tossed that with the Alfredo Sauce. Then I topped the pasta with some steamed broccoli and Gardein Chik'n Scallopini. Yum!!

~ Pasta with Vegan Alfredo Sauce ~ 

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