Monday, August 11, 2014

Zucchini-Corn Cannelloni

It seems like the days are just zooming by. If I get up early enough in the morning I can feel a hint of fall in the air. If I wait too long it turns into a blazing inferno! 
I haven't tried many new recipes lately but I found this pasta recipe from Vegetarian Times. You can find it here

I replaced all the dairy ingredients with some vegan parmesan, Tofutti ricotta and Daiya mozzarella.  

 The mixture of sauteed zucchini, onion, corn and creamy ricotta.
The sauce is so simple to make using a can of fire-roasted tomatoes. 

The recipe makes an 8-9 inch pan which is nice; not a ton of leftovers! 

~ Zucchini-Corn Cannelloni ~ 

The hubby said it had too much ricotta in it; what is he thinking?!

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